Jayjes is not just a brand, but a lifestyle, a way of expressing itself, a dream starring the young Sicilian designer Jessica D’Urso.

At just 4 years of age, she was already creating clothes for her barbies with her mother's tea towels and then moving on with pencil and paper to draw sketches.

A self-taught education, which growing became a certainty and was able to materialize at the age of 19, when she finished high school she moved to Lecce and began her studies as a fashion designer, at the Istituto Cordella International Fashion School.

It is 2011, when a new chapter opens and Jessica begins to touch her dream with her hands, from which many experiences follow; she began working as an assistant stylist for shooting, video clips also with important artists such as J-ax, Lorenzo Fragola and many others.

Many situations that begin to enrich her wealth of experiences, but Jessica's real goal was to be able to create her own brand one day.

In 2013, for the first time, thanks also to the support of her family, she moved to Milan and with the tenacity of those who want to make their dreams come true, she started making new experiences and working.

Years of sacrifices begin, one stage after another, as an assistant stylist, showroom, visual merchandiser, 3D designer, works in important companies but which often involved many trips to different Italian cities. Jobs that made Jessica grow and led her to become more aware of her professional goals.

Precisely for this, the young stylist decides to get involved, and thanks to the help of her partner Alberto (fundamental in the life of the stylist) in April 2019 Jayjes was born.

Jayjes is a brand that wants to highlight the true beauty, also internal, of every woman. In fact, his true mission is to convey through his creations ease, certainty, elegance, sensuality, self-control. That is, all that every woman should show.

Each creation is the result of careful research of trends and materials, then moving on to sketches, modeling, many components to offer the customer a quality product.

A Mix & Match style with clean and minimal cuts, with draping of shoulder straps, what Jessica calls a New Vintage, the true contrast of the Jayjes woman.


Because, the young stylist is very keen to underline her origins, the love for her Sicily and the strong sense of femininity.

The name Jayjes derives from a play on words from the name of the stylist, that is Jay (for J) and Jes (for Jessica).

All our products are entirely made in Italy. 100% MADE IN ITALY is a pride for us.