31 August 2020


Inspiration is our daily engine. Inspiration guides us, teaches us, educates us, sanctifies and undermines our days, our work, our daily memories.
Paraphrasing a quote from the past, “inspiration moves the sun and other stars”.

If the limits and clichés of a bulimic life of technology, excessive dynamism and social forcing were abandoned, there would be nothing left but inspiration as liet motiv of our lives.
In the fashion world, inspiration serves as a keystone, without, otherwise, everything would be dead, without soul and passion.

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18 August 2020

Color block, straw accessories and the famous white shirt : unmissable trends for a summer 2020 dream!

Provocative, sexy, smart and minimal. But also easy, free and bohemian.

The style and the women’s fashion, branded spring/summer 2020 proved to be a tasty mix of contrasting characteristics and impact.

It may have been due to the difficult lockdown period, or to a past hidden need for change and renewal, but the women’s fashion this season has mobilized trends in a new light.
If times change, demands and needs also vary. Like the primordial need for a return to a fashion of the past, rich in sartorial concepts and stylistic research nourished by passion, art and culture. Fashion “just for “. No more clothing aimed at “quantity”: this summer’s credo aims at quality, historicity and concepts of minimalism, comfort and sophistication.

The trends of spring/summer 2020 have evoked styles and trends of the past that have written pages of substantial significance for the history of fashion.

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10 August 2020

Revolution trends for Jayjes: the myth of the bikini that changed the world!

If the one piece swimsuit has the taste of sophistication and elegance, the bikini contains in itself the explosive characters of the revolution.
It’s July 3, 1946, and a Swiss named Louis Reard is about to revolutionize the fashion world and its history.
We are in the post-war years, the world is trying to overcome the luster of destruction just finished and praises change: it needs to breathe an air of novelty and beauty. While testing the consequences of the nuclear bomb on the atoll of Bikini Island, the Swiss Reard points to another type of explosion, more conceptual and fashionable.
In fact, he takes over the maternal lingerie company and renames and launches the prototype two-piece costume of the fashion designer of the moment , Heim, with the name of the island of the same name.

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3 August 2020

Swimwear Trends 2020 : Fashion passes, the one-piece swimsuit stays!

Well yes, after numerous vicissitudes, clamour, disagreement , dramas and adventures, finally, the much-coveted August and the highlight of the summer have arrived. With a little summer thunderstorm, just to keep up with some past tradition.

But August flaunts holidays and weeks on the sunniest shores of the globe and we fashion addicted to style diktat can not be caught unprepared! Obviously, although the desire for bonfires on the beach and after beach party with friends, boyfriends ext.., represent the purpose of the holiday, will not miss the necessary precautions no-covid : freedom cost us dear!
No more moral meatloaves, let’s move on to the ’emergency out-fit from holiday to the sea : what is the most COOL swimsuit to show off?

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27 July 2020

Teresanna Pugliese, “the beautiful m’mbriana” from the Mediterranean charm, posing for Jayjes!

It will be for its typically Mediterranean sensual essence, it will be for its captivating style – always stylish and never vulgar – or for its career as a fashion&travel infuencer, Teresanna does not stop talking about itself and hitting the heart of the audience.

Teresanna Pugliese is beautiful to envy the most popular showgirls of all time, is endowed with a sensuality and a sex appeal distributed in abundant doses.

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20 July 2020

Federica Lucaferri: the new face of Italian cinema, testimonial for Jayjes.

She is very young and very beautiful. Actress, student and model. Unstoppable, gritty, motivated and full of catching explosive energy.

Who are we talking about? The star of the moment, Federica Lucaferri!
A budding actress but with her head on her shoulders and full of humility, Federica still does not call herself a real actress, on the contrary, she firmly believes that she has only begun a long journey made of constant commitment to become a real star of the screen.
But let’s go step by step and get to know her better!

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13 July 2020

Wrap Trends and Sky-blue color : Here is the mood of summer 2020!

If the coral red awakens the salty taste of the Sicilian seas, the blue color, indeed Sky-blue, worn in color block, seems that brings all the sky in a room.

The blue nuance, stands out among all the others, illuminating them at the same time. In chromotherapy, brings good mood.
This bright shade, protagonist among other things of the summer fashion shows of 2020, is an emblem of natural landscapes and heavenly views.
Salvatore Ferragamo has celebrated all the shades of the ocean, from the electric blue Klein to the blue Côte d’Azur version: dressed in sea and sky is the diktat of the summer.

Let us not forget the eco-friendly tribute of the sky-blue trend : in fact it is the spokesman for the environmental protection of the seas and oceans.
Fashion and sustainability, how many high motives are needed to wear blue, every day , all day?

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7 July 2020

Timeless, minimal and chic: the white shirt returns more glamorous than ever!

“Women think of all colors, except the absence of color. I said that black contained everything. Even white. I’m absolutely beautiful. It’s the perfect arrangement.”

Coco Chanel

Versatile, chic, minimal or oversized , but above all timeless, without seasons and not for lack of character, but for a surplus of style without words.
No, this time we’re not talking about bags or accessories, but shirts, indeed THE-SHIRT-WHITE, and be ready girls, this year you can not help it!

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29 June 2020

Fashion Trends Alert 2020! The straw hat will be the protagonist of your summer!

And here we are, with the heat advancing, the month of July at the door and the air of holiday and sea that releases all its beneficial effect. The morale is gradually regaining its cheerful summer vigors and all of us are ready to spend a few days relaxing in the sun of a fragrant Sicilian beach.It’s time to pack and leave but… what are the accessories not to be missed to be super cool on holiday?As already mentioned in the last article, the straw accessories return to be the must-haves of the season and the pieces not to be missed for a beach. From espadrillas to bags, to hats, straw accessories represent a revival of past fashion collections and give a vintage touch to the most trendy beachwear look of the year.
Many models and variants are the protagonists of our windows, just point your finger at the most suitable for your style and look.

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22 June 2020

Must Have Summer 2020 : straw accessories are the coolest of the season!

Summer, also this year, writes his poems and creates his rhymes with pleasant alternation between beaches, sun, beachparty and metropolitan lifestyle. The seasonal trends are unmissables, the must-haves are never enough, like beachwear shopping .

Summer trends acclaim the Safari style, the jumpsuits inspired by the Saharan jungle, the mules from the square tip and accessories inspired by tropical vibes and a little taste of 60’s style.
Whether you spend the summer this year in the city, at the sea or in the mountains, it does not matter, as long as you remain faithful to the must-have accessories of the season!

Straw, raffia , weaves are the most popular materials of the season and are available in the most glamorous forms of the year : bucket bags, shoulder bags, oval cut models and it-bag revisited in “summer-trip-on-the-beach” version come from the catwalks and are confirmed as the perfect accessory for our summer outfits.

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